Kingnut Spring Nuts

J W FASTENERS introduce 'KINGNUT', the new revolutionary fastener that fits any thread pattern, just push it on, turn it 360 degrees, and it's locked and secure.
The KINGNUT is a plastic push on spring nut, it can be pushed on to any threaded bolt and tightened. This can be done manually or by using a quick installation tool.
The integrated lock pins replace the usual female thread, once secure the nut can be re-used by simply removing as a conventional nut, and it is ready to push on to the next bolt.
The self-locking capability of the KINGNUT compared with conventional steel nuts was significantly improved by the revolutionary design.
Because it is manufactured from a thermo-plastic material it is lighter than steel, non corrosive even in extreme conditions, non-conductive, and has significant damping properties in acoustic areas.
KINGNUT proper application allows quick fitting, therefore reduced manufacturing costs and more efficient production.
No kore worries about varying thread patterns or even damaged threads, just push KINGNUT on and twist it.
KINGNUT is supplied in M3, M4, M5 and M6 sizes and is also available in a convenient box containing a selection of nuts plus two installation tools ideal for the multi-task user.

Reduced assembly times Electronic products
Resistant to vibration Neon light construction
Will not corrode or rust Electronic score boards
Unaffected by most acids and alkalis Manufacturing typewriters, office equipment
Electric non conductor Aerospace industry
Heat resistant up to 100 degrees Centigrade Commercial and fair decoration
Produced to ISO 9002/QS9000 and EN29002 Permanent and temporary shelters
Recycles to 100% with matching materials Automobile interiors etc
Lighter than steel nuts Production of precision measuring instruments
Works on most forms of threaded bolts Advertising billboards
Alternative colours and sepcifications ( Caps, wing nuts etc ) available on request Inside panelling of railway coaches

The KINGNUT Trade Box

"the first aid kit for any workshop or garage"

The KINGNUT Trade Box offers a selection of KINGNUT sizes and installation tools in a handy, durable plastic workbox.

Contents are:

200 M3 nuts
150 M4 nuts
100 M5 nuts
50 M6 nuts
2 Installation Tools